Bringing the Spring into Fall

Looking for a bit of sunshine during this dreary time of year? A floral pop is the perfect solution! This can include a vase with bright flowers, throw pillows with a floral pattern, or a framed picture. The pictures can be small and placed on a table or shelf, or large and used as a focal point on a wall. An example is the photo of the Black-Eyed Susans on the right. This bright yellow pop of color is a great way to bring Spring flowers into Fall and brighten up your space. No matter what type of flower is you favorite, you can keep it on display year-round to add the perfect pop of color to any room.

Sailing into the Sun

The Adventuress_view aheadDue to the nice weather this weekend, I decided to feature a picture of the same sailing ship from one of my previous posts. It’s on a day like this I can imagine being outside, enjoying the water and the views. The picture on the right perfectly illustrates this. This is the type of photo that would be great in a living or dining room. The neutral colors of the ship go perfectly with any decor, and the scale of the background creates a grandiose feel to the space. No tall sailing ships in your local marina? Any ship, sail or no sail, can still work in your space. As long as you’re able to capture the feel of a summer day on the water, you’ve got the perfect shot.

Sailing on a Lunchtime Adventure

The Adventuress_mast and sailOne sunny day I got word from a coworker that a tall sailing ship was docked at our local marina. The best part? They were offering free tours to the public. I decided it was time for an adventure! I grabbed a buddy and a quick five-minute drive took us to a ship called the Adventuress. It was awesome to be able to board the ship, talk to the crew, take lots of photos, and enjoy the view. The picture on the right shows the towering mast and its lowered sail. Similar photos can be taken by visiting your local marina. Not only will you be able to get out and enjoy the sunshine, but will also have a new addition to decorate your space!

Sunny Flowers on a Cloudy Day

Daffodil outside buildingThe other day I was reminded that even on a cloudy day, nature can still provide a bit of sunshine. As I exited the building where I work, I saw these beautiful daffodils flanking the entrance. Since I had my camera on me, I decided to snap a photo. It was a great reminder of nicer weather, and the flower itself is quite a cheery color. No matter how bad the weather there’s always some part of nature that will remind us of sunshine. Just like in life, we should always try to find the sunny side when our world is full of clouds.

The Concrete Cannon at the Beach

Concrete cannon at the beachOn my second trip to one of my local beaches I was pleasantly surprised to see that the tide was out. This allowed me to explore more of the beach than I had on a previous trip. After walking a few minutes and enjoying the sunshine something caught my eye. As I approached this oddly shaped piece of concrete I walked around it to see what it was. While I still don’t know what it was, I realized that from a certain angle it looks like a cannon-so I snapped a picture! I think it’s cool when an object looks completely different from what it actually is. If you like this type of look, you can easily get the same sort of photo. First, pick an object that you think looks interesting. Next, try taking pictures of it from various angles and distances until you get a photo you like. You may have to take several shots and use multiple types of items, but you’ll eventually get a similarly unique shot. Once this is accomplished you’ll not only have an interesting photo to display, but also a great conversation piece for all your guests to enjoy!

Cheer Up with Yellow Flowers

Yellow flowersOn the right you’ll see some beautiful yellow flowers from my garden. I love the cheery color! While flowers are expected in spring, these would be a great addition to your desk in the winter as well. The yellow color can boost your mood if you’re having a rough day. If nothing else, who doesn’t like to look a fresh flowers (even if it’s a photo of them)? So remember, it only takes a picture to bring a little bit of sunshine into your day!