The Concrete Cannon at the Beach

Concrete cannon at the beachOn my second trip to one of my local beaches I was pleasantly surprised to see that the tide was out. This allowed me to explore more of the beach than I had on a previous trip. After walking a few minutes and enjoying the sunshine something caught my eye. As I approached this oddly shaped piece of concrete I walked around it to see what it was. While I still don’t know what it was, I realized that from a certain angle it looks like a cannon-so I snapped a picture! I think it’s cool when an object looks completely different from what it actually is. If you like this type of look, you can easily get the same sort of photo. First, pick an object that you think looks interesting. Next, try taking pictures of it from various angles and distances until you get a photo you like. You may have to take several shots and use multiple types of items, but you’ll eventually get a similarly unique shot. Once this is accomplished you’ll not only have an interesting photo to display, but also a great conversation piece for all your guests to enjoy!

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