Blooms in Winter

Bloom in winter_pink and whiteEvery year there is a group of large bushes that tend to bloom in winter, even when it’s snowing. They have a variety of colors, but this time I decided to snap a photo of a bush that features pink and white flowers. I love flowers that are made up of more than one color! This gives me the perfect inspiration for a decorating theme. Using pops of pink and white against a neutral base is the perfect addition to your space. You could use accessories such as throw pillows, vases, a similar picture framed on a table, or a rug. Additionally, you could accent the pops of white and pink with other pastel colors that are perfect for welcoming spring. Even in winter, nature can provide pops of color and the perfect inspiration to brighten up your space!

The Tree’s Hand

Tree with a handIt’s amazing all the different ways that a tree can grow! An example is the tree pictured to the right. The way the large branch towards the back splits off looks like a hand reaching out towards the sky. It’s a very quirky image, and is a great inspiration for a decorating theme! Aside from the colors (blue, green, white, and various shades of brown), a similar photo could be used as a base for a quirky decorating scheme. Like the tree, you can use accessories that blend in, more than stand out, within your space. Try a textured vase, throw pillows in various shapes, or an oddly shaped picture frame. Adding quirky elements will give your space a cohesive-look that’s not only colorful, but is also fun.

Cascading Light Through Colored Glass

Illuminated vaseDespite what many people think, vases can be used for a multitude of purposes. It can be used to hold flowers, be filled with sand and shells to create a beach scene, or filled with live plants to create a mini-garden. There is however an additional use: catching light. Glass and crystal can catch and reflect light in amazing ways! The gold-colored vase pictured at the right was illuminated from above with an LED flashlight in a dark room. The bright light beautifully reflects the patterns in the glass onto the surface. I’d hang a similar photo in a living or dining room. The hues and patterns of the light create a warm, comfy atmosphere. You can easily create a similar photo for use in your own space. Try photographing a vase in similar conditions to what I described above, or snap a photo of a vase illuminated by the sun or a candle. There are so many uses for everyday objects, and with a little imagination you can transform the ordinary into something extraordinary!

Thanksgiving Decor: Part 4

In this final Thanksgiving post I’ll be sharing how to dress up your table! Since my family only use three of the six chairs at the dining table, that allows me to decorate the half not in use. Below you’ll see a few pictures from this year’s table. I have our traditional poinsettia tablecloth adorned with various decorations.

Thanksgiving_dining room

I have pumpkins, leaves, a festive flower arrangement, and a turkey. The majority of the decorations on the table were purchased at craft stores. The glass pumpkin in the center of the table was purchased at a glass studio. You can find great pieces at reasonable prices at many glass studios, so keep your eye out for pieces that can be used both year-round and on special occasions.

Thanksgiving_dining room table

At the center of the table I have a vase filled with various autumn foliage and a small turkey. The foliage brings together all the elements in the room, and the turkey adds a bit of whimsy to the table.

Thanksgiving_dining room table-close up

I hope you enjoyed my Thanksgiving decor and found inspiration for your own space. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

The Iris

IrisA few years ago we planted some Iris bulbs in our front garden. Every year they’re one of the first plants to sprout. As you can see from the picture, ours are a lovely yellow and purple color. These colors go together beautifully and are a great example of coordinating spring colors. Want to integrate this into your decor? There are several simple (and economical) ways to accomplish this. You can take a photo of flowers with similar colors in your garden and frame it, add throw pillows or colorful shams, place your plates on colorful chargers, or buy flowers (real or faux) and display them in a glass vase. How will you use spring colors?