Under the Overpass

Under the overpassOne day my friend and I decided to take a different path that bordered my local lake. After a long walk we eventually came to a large dock that went out onto the lake. We walked onto the dock and were able to see views we couldn’t see from previous vantage points. One of the most surprising things was that the dock was right next to the interstate. You can’t see the dock from the freeway, so it’s no wonder we never knew it was there! I decided to take a picture under the overpass, which features the river that feeds into the lake flowing underneath it. A photo like this brings to mind so many different design ideas! You can take inspiration from the soft colors of nature, or use the concrete of the overpass to go for a modern, clean look. Either of these looks could be accomplished by new furnishings, accessories, or just a fresh coat of paint. Remember, when you look at something for inspiration there are usually multiple elements you can draw from; so keep your eyes open and start decorating!

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