Shower Curtain Art

Shower curtain_butterfliesMany would argue that one of the hardest places to decorate is a bathroom. Most are small, windowless, and seem to offer little in the way of decorating. However, a great piece of inspiration can be your very own shower curtain! My shower curtain (right) is a great example. It features butterflies in multiple colors along with various types of foliage. To begin your design project, start by taking pictures of each individual element in the curtain, such as each butterfly and sections of the foliage. Once you’re done, frame each photo and hang them on the wall(s). You can display all the photos at once, or swap them out every few months to give the bathroom a fresh look. This same project would also work for those of you with geometric patterned shower curtains. Remember, it’s often what’s around you that can provide the best inspiration for your space!

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