The Artistic Algae

Swirling AlgaeNature has an amazing way of being artistic without even trying. Case in point? The picture on the right shows an algae bloom that, due to the tide and current, formed into a beautiful swirl pattern. I love it when nature does the work for me! Want to capture a similar picture? Look for areas where the current is slow or gets trapped by debris. These are the best places to find something that is likely to form a pattern. So what are you waiting for? The weekend is the perfect time to get outside and take a great photo. With an eye out for the unusual, you’ll be able to easily get the perfect shot!

Birds of a Feather

Geese and duck at lakeWhen I walk around my local lake there’s usually a large group of geese that tend to congregate towards the far end of the lake. As I kept walking and got closer to the dock, I was surprised to see a visitor in their group: a duck! I thought it was a cute sight and decided to snap a picture. I love how the duck joined the geese as if it was one of their own. The geese didn’t bother the duck, so I guess it was welcome to hang out on the dock. It’s always interesting to see different types of animals enjoying each other’s company. I think this is nature’s way of showing that we often have more in common with each other than we want to admit. Want to capture a similar sight? You, too, can snap a similar picture to decorate your space! Find a spot that has a variety of animals (usually near a body of water) and then just keep your eyes open. It may take awhile to get the perfect shot, but eventually you’ll capture a photo of animal friends having fun in the great outdoors!

Clouds in the Lake

Clouds reflected in lakeWhile gazing out over the lake on the dock mentioned in a previous post, I noticed the sky reflected on the lake’s surface. What a great shot! I love how the bright blue sky and fluffy clouds seem to be part of the water itself. I’ve always liked photos that feature bodies of water reflecting the sights around it. These types of pictures are very versatile and can go with any room’s decor. You can find similar photos at craft or big box stores, or try capturing one yourself. If you’re going to snap your own photo, there are a few things to remember. If you take the photo in the daytime, it’s best to take the picture on a bright, sunny day at a place where the water is relatively calm. A similar shot can also be taken at night using lights reflecting off a calm surface. Photos like these are both an easy way to add interest to your space, and showcase your photography skills. Happy photographing!

Under the Overpass

Under the overpassOne day my friend and I decided to take a different path that bordered my local lake. After a long walk we eventually came to a large dock that went out onto the lake. We walked onto the dock and were able to see views we couldn’t see from previous vantage points. One of the most surprising things was that the dock was right next to the interstate. You can’t see the dock from the freeway, so it’s no wonder we never knew it was there! I decided to take a picture under the overpass, which features the river that feeds into the lake flowing underneath it. A photo like this brings to mind so many different design ideas! You can take inspiration from the soft colors of nature, or use the concrete of the overpass to go for a modern, clean look. Either of these looks could be accomplished by new furnishings, accessories, or just a fresh coat of paint. Remember, when you look at something for inspiration there are usually multiple elements you can draw from; so keep your eyes open and start decorating!

The Lakeside Dock

Lakeside dockIt’s the time of year when the weather is slowly starting to change. Some days it can get quite warm, and I’m already starting to think about fun in the sun. And what’s more relaxing than a water view? When I saw this dock at the lake (which I went down to) I started to think of nicer weather to come. Not to mention the awesome view I got from the dock of nearly the entire lake. This is a type of photo I’d have tacked up by my desk to remind me of Spring/Summer. Have something that reminds you of better weather? If so, take a picture and use it to remind you of better days.

From Sea to Port

Cargo shipWhile out on a stroll one day I saw this huge ship navigating the waterway. I was surprised to see it since I rarely see ships navigating these waters (I’ve only seen them docked near shore, not actually sailing in). I was even more surprised when I blared its loud horn to warn other boaters in the area to steer clear. It was loud, but really cool! It’s amazing to see this huge ship moving so effortlessly through the water. This photo is a great addition to any nautical theme or a gift to anyone who loves ships (who doesn’t?). No matter if the ships is big or small, a photo can open up a world far beyond our shores.

The Past Remains

Foundry pierHave you ever seen an old dock and wondered what was there? Well, in this case it turns out to be part of what was a foundry. There were multiple foundations nearby (not pictured) that at one point linked to a large dock. The pilings of the former dock are pictured in this post. You can image the foundry its heyday: producing metal and shipping them out via the dock to parts unknown. The remains of this place reminds us that the past is never truly forgotten. If we’re lucky, the past can inspire us in the present.