Clouds in the Lake

Clouds reflected in lakeWhile gazing out over the lake on the dock mentioned in a previous post, I noticed the sky reflected on the lake’s surface. What a great shot! I love how the bright blue sky and fluffy clouds seem to be part of the water itself. I’ve always liked photos that feature bodies of water reflecting the sights around it. These types of pictures are very versatile and can go with any room’s decor. You can find similar photos at craft or big box stores, or try capturing one yourself. If you’re going to snap your own photo, there are a few things to remember. If you take the photo in the daytime, it’s best to take the picture on a bright, sunny day at a place where the water is relatively calm. A similar shot can also be taken at night using lights reflecting off a calm surface. Photos like these are both an easy way to add interest to your space, and showcase your photography skills. Happy photographing!

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