The Mysterious Chimney

Steam plant chimneyRising from behind a line of trees that slopes into the lake is a mysterious chimney. Occasionally there was smoke billowing out of it, but what was it connected to? After some research I found out: a steam plant! As I’ve stated in previous posts, I work in and around many historic buildings. When our buildings were constructed, they featured a state of the art heating technology: steam. To this day, all our buildings are still heated by an onsite steam plant. It’s a very cool piece of history and also a wonder of technology. Do you have a unique piece of history or technology where you work or live? If so, take a photo! Not only is it a great conversation piece to add to your decor, but it’s also a great way to capture a piece of history.

Rocky Shores on Sunny Days

Sunny beach_volcanic rocksWhat comes to mind when you think of the beach? Probably sun, sand, and surf. However, depending on where you are, there can be less sand and more rocks. Living in the Ring of Fire, one sometimes comes across beaches made entirely of black volcanic rock. Though not your typical beach, I find them beautiful nonetheless. Why would you want to display photo of a rocky beach in your house? One word: unique! Anyone can display a picture of a sandy beach, but one with black volcanic rocks is an attention-grabber and conversation piece. You can capture a similar image by photographing any nearby rocky shore. Whether you choose an ocean, lake, or river, you can easily create a unique focal point for any room!

Birds of a Feather

Geese and duck at lakeWhen I walk around my local lake there’s usually a large group of geese that tend to congregate towards the far end of the lake. As I kept walking and got closer to the dock, I was surprised to see a visitor in their group: a duck! I thought it was a cute sight and decided to snap a picture. I love how the duck joined the geese as if it was one of their own. The geese didn’t bother the duck, so I guess it was welcome to hang out on the dock. It’s always interesting to see different types of animals enjoying each other’s company. I think this is nature’s way of showing that we often have more in common with each other than we want to admit. Want to capture a similar sight? You, too, can snap a similar picture to decorate your space! Find a spot that has a variety of animals (usually near a body of water) and then just keep your eyes open. It may take awhile to get the perfect shot, but eventually you’ll capture a photo of animal friends having fun in the great outdoors!

Clouds in the Lake

Clouds reflected in lakeWhile gazing out over the lake on the dock mentioned in a previous post, I noticed the sky reflected on the lake’s surface. What a great shot! I love how the bright blue sky and fluffy clouds seem to be part of the water itself. I’ve always liked photos that feature bodies of water reflecting the sights around it. These types of pictures are very versatile and can go with any room’s decor. You can find similar photos at craft or big box stores, or try capturing one yourself. If you’re going to snap your own photo, there are a few things to remember. If you take the photo in the daytime, it’s best to take the picture on a bright, sunny day at a place where the water is relatively calm. A similar shot can also be taken at night using lights reflecting off a calm surface. Photos like these are both an easy way to add interest to your space, and showcase your photography skills. Happy photographing!

Under the Overpass

Under the overpassOne day my friend and I decided to take a different path that bordered my local lake. After a long walk we eventually came to a large dock that went out onto the lake. We walked onto the dock and were able to see views we couldn’t see from previous vantage points. One of the most surprising things was that the dock was right next to the interstate. You can’t see the dock from the freeway, so it’s no wonder we never knew it was there! I decided to take a picture under the overpass, which features the river that feeds into the lake flowing underneath it. A photo like this brings to mind so many different design ideas! You can take inspiration from the soft colors of nature, or use the concrete of the overpass to go for a modern, clean look. Either of these looks could be accomplished by new furnishings, accessories, or just a fresh coat of paint. Remember, when you look at something for inspiration there are usually multiple elements you can draw from; so keep your eyes open and start decorating!

Two Friends Getting Lunch

Geese dining at lakeOn one of my walks I noticed several large groups of geese at the far end of the lake. As I got closer, I noticed that two of the geese had broken off from their group and were bobbing for lunch. I was glad I was able to capture the geese as they were both sticking their heads into the water. Aside from being a great shot, I like how you can see the individual ripples of water around each goose. The geese, foliage, and algae against the blue of the water makes this photo even better. Interested in taking a similar photo? It might take a bit of work, but you, too, can photograph a pair of animal friends! If you’re out in nature, start by looking for groups of animals-they will likely be near a body of water. There are always a few that will drift off from the group, and when this happens it’s your chance to snap a photo. You could also try taking photographs at your local zoo. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and find your own pair of animal friends!

Purple Flowers by the Lake

Purple flowers_lakeIt’s amazing how you can see different types of foliage at different times of the year. An example is the purple flower pictured on the right. I have no idea what species it is, but I thought it was a very pretty and unusual flower. I love the crispness of the flowers in the foreground and the soft, blurry background of this photo! It reminds me of one of my favorite color combinations: purple and green. This could be the basis of a new color scheme for your space, or you could frame a similar picture and display it as a pop of color. Remember, pops of color can easily be found in nature. All you need to do is capture them on camera to bring nature’s pops of colors into any space!

The Sunny Tree

Sunny treeAs I was walking I noticed the sun peeking through a tree bordering my local lake. I really liked the look of it, so I snapped this photo. I love the peek of the sun through the branches and how the tree seems to be illuminated from behind. The simplicity of the photo can be a great inspiration for your home. Using colors found in nature, keeping accessories to a minimum, and displaying elegant art work are all great ways to decorate your space. So what are you waiting for? Go out and find your inspiration in nature today!

The White Flower

The white flowerWhile walking around the lake I noticed this white flower that was attached to a vine growing on a fence. I’m not sure what species of flower it is, but I thought it would make a good photo. Sometimes it’s the simplest of images that are the best. I love how the white flower stands out against the green leaves. It’s a simple image that packs a punch! This photo would look great blown up to poster size and used as a focal point on a wall. Remember, a focal point can be a simple, elegant image that grabs your attention and soothes your mind.

The Blue Heron

The Blue HeronOne of the many creatures that visits my local lake is the Blue Heron. It’s a treat to see one, but they’re rarely close enough to see. But on this occasion, it decide to catch dinner near the shoreline! Luckily I had my camera with me, so I was able to snap several photos. I watched the bird as it would carefully look into the water and then quickly lower its beak in to catch some fish. I couldn’t tell if it was successful or not, but I enjoyed watching it nonetheless. It’s amazing to see nature in action. Have a nature lover in your life? Next time you see amazing wildlife take a picture and give it as a gift. Nature is a beautiful thing, so why not give the gift of its beauty in your very own photo?